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Water Pearls

🌱💧 Discover the future of hydroponic gardening with WaterPearls by RHST Industries! These innovative pearls are designed to revolutionize your germination game by reducing water usage by up to 50%, stopping algae growth and boosting plant growth by 30%. Inspired by nature and backed by science, WaterPearls ensure your plants stay hydrated and healthy with minimal effort. Perfect for gardeners of all levels.
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Water Pearls
Water Pearl
Water Pearls
Water Pearl

Benefits and return on investment

  • To growers and landowners of microgreens crops
    grown in a controlled environment, the transition to the
    WaterPearls System provides substantial economic and
    environmental benefits to growers and landowners,
    such as.

  • The WaterPearls System is a “put it and leave it”
    infrastructure that requires very limited maintenance
    and provides a service life of up to fifty (50) years.

    • Reduction in water input (by up to 30 to 50%) through the restraint of evaporation in the soil,
    • Reduction in irrigation costs, energy consumption
      and greenhouse gas emissions (depending on the
      energy source),
    • Reduction in substrate cost,
    • Improvement in crop yield and quality.
    • Reduction in algae, mold and mildew,
    • mprovement in productivity (increased plant density through reduced ambient humidity)
    • Reduction in manpower, etc.

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