Home Gardening Reimagined

Imagine growing your own food, year-round, from the comfort of home. Introducing the Nutritower: a revolutionary new home appliance that lets you harvest fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs no matter the climate or season. With its patented design and top of the line technology, you’ll be growing enough food to harvest something every week of the year!


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More Veggies. More Savings.

From Red Robin Tomatoes to fresh herbs and leafy greens, the Nutritower grows an astounding variety of annual produce while consuming a fraction of the water used in traditional agriculture. Make your meals irresistible while saving the world, and saving yourself time and money!

  • 60 lbsFresh leafy greens
  • $700Yearly savings
  • 95%Water saved
  • 1millionFood miles saved


Better Food for your Family

Imagine enjoying food that’s even more direct than farm-to-table: This is Tower-to-Table! That means food at its ripest, freshest, and most nutrient-rich, all year round. With the Nutritower, you’ll be eating unbelievably fresh food that you can safely and proudly serve to your family.

Fits any home

At just over 5.5 feet tall and 2 feet wide, the Nutritower produces plentiful food in less space than a fridge. It’s patented vertical design is engineered to increase yield, ensuring that your family always stays well fed. The tower’s 4 lights, pump, cycle-timer, and nutrient distribution system all fit into one compact, industry leading spacial footprint.

The Vertical Edge

  • Reduced Footprint

    Farming vertically in the Nutritower is a great way to lower the carbon footprint of your household, school, or business. By reducing the need to transport produce over long distances, you’re helping to lower the greenhouse gas emissions that go into the atmosphere. Track your carbon footprint here.

  • Less Waste

    In the U.S. and Canada, roughly a quarter of all produce is wasted along the supply chain each and every year. Variations in climate, transportation mishaps, and bruising or other cosmetic imperfections are some of the culprits of all that waste. Curb the trend by growing with the Nutritower and become your own supply chain!

  • A Better World

    Be on the cutting edge of the vertical farming revolution and never again stress about where your food comes from or what goes into it. Grow exactly what you want, when you want, naturally, without the use pesticides or herbicides, and without the need to alter or degrade the land. Learn more about Vertical Farming.