• Enhancing Education

    Enhancing Education

    The Nutritower offers a unique and engaging way to enhance the classroom experience. Children establish a connection to their food when they nurture it from seed to plant. Teachers can incorporate many different cross-curricular activities with a Nutritower.



    Students can identify and analyze the necessary nutrients that make their plants grow. Experimenting with different values for ideal growth conditions.



    Students can analyze parts of a stem bisection to better understand plant anatomy and functions.



    The gardening process can help students make healthier food choices and understand its nutritional value.

Feedback from your teachers

"Nutritower has provided our school a unique opportunity to continue gardening throughout Montreal's long winters.  The tower is majestic to our children and has helped ignite an interest and respect for botany consistent with the Montessori philosophy." 

Jeffrey Cumming  West Island Montessori Academy

I thought that a Nutritower would be a great way to bring something new and exciting to the school while also providing some healthy snacks for the kids to try for years to come”

Holly Eccles Prince of Wales Elementary