The Lesser-Known Benefits of Growing with Nutritower

August 19, 2019  |  Indoor Gardening, nutritower, Product

We all know that cutting down on food transportation costs and minimizing the carbon footprint of agriculture in general is a noble mission. A lot of what we do here at Nutritower centers around the goal of bringing people year-round fresh produce, tower-to-table, while minimizing the negative impacts on the environment associated more typically with the agricultural sector. It’s easy to see why consuming up to 95% less water than traditional methods is a good thing. And it’s equally obvious that growing in two feet of space- on a kitchen, or office, or classroom floor- what used to take over 30 feet of space in an open field or forest makes for a very efficient system. The Nutritower packs a ton of benefits. Here are some lesser-known facts and figures that you can expect to find when you unpack yours for the first time.

Uplifting Lights

Did you know the Nutritower’s full spectrum white lights mimic the sun, and therefore act as mood enhancers and can even improve your focus and attention? Working close to your tower can give you those benefits without any harmful UV. For those of us living at higher latitudes, where winters are long, dark, and harsh, the added boost from the Nutritower’s year-round lights can be a very welcome bright spot in our day. And while many look to light therapy lamps to help their seasonal affective disorder (or SAD), we say look no further than the Nutritower!

Cleaner Air

On a similar note, having plants in your home, classroom, or office has been proven to drastically improve air quality (by as much as 87% in just 24 hours!). As most of us know, plants do the opposite of humans: they take in carbon dioxide (therefore removing it from the air) and emit oxygen back into the air. By purifying your home’s air, plants let you breathe easy, and thus can help to improve sleep, blood circulation, and the list goes on and on. If a few houseplants can do all that, imagine what a tower full of 32 healthy, fruitful plants can do to your home! 

It Just Makes Scents!

Speaking of light therapy, how about aromatherapy? A vast assortment of plants- many of which you can grow right in the Nutritower- are used to boost or regulate mood, lower stress and anxiety, and even increase appetite. From Sage to Rosemary, to the obvious ones like lavender and lilac, plants offer their own unique scents that affect the brain in various and often highly beneficial ways. Speaking from experience, it’s become a pleasure to walk into the office and be hit by the refreshing smell of basil in the morning! 

Of course we’re all about the big picture at Nutritower, like saving you approximately $1000 a year in grocery bills, or cutting food transportation distance by one million miles; but it’s equally important to recognize the slightly smaller, lesser-known benefits that come with the system. So there you have it, a short list of just some of the benefits associated with the Nutritower. 

Can you think of any others?!

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