Who: Teddy T.
Where: Montreal, Canada
Has owned a tower: 4 months +
Favorite things to grow: Cucumber, Lettuce, Tomatoes

For the first time this year, my husband and I decided to grow a small garden in our backyard. We grew lettuce, herbs, and a  few tomato plants – the usual suspects for beginner gardeners.

garden back

To our surprise, the biggest reward was not the wonderful produce we harvested, it was actually watching our kids interact with the garden! They loved watching the plants grow and picking the vegetables they’d eat for dinner

After seeing that, we figured investing in a solution that would let us garden year-round would be money well spent. We spoke to some friends, found the Nutritower and decided to give it a try. We loved the idea of having a bit of fresh produce year round, regardless of the season.


The kids were super pumped to get their Nutritower. We all debated on where we wanted to put it and got them to pick what plants they wanted to grow. We started with lettuce and cucumbers. The cucumber plants were the first to show real signs of life. Within a week they had tripled in size. The lettuce came next, showing real signs of growth every few days. We’ve since grown basil, tomatoes, and strawberries.


We’re now on our 4th month with our tower and we’re growing enough lettuce to garnish sandwiches and enjoy a fresh salad every other day. The basil we produce is a lovely addition to pizzas and pastas, and more importantly, it’s given a way for our kids to get involved in the kitchen. We’re enjoying the fresh food so much that we’re already planning on maintaining both our Nutritower and our outdoor garden next summer.