Who: Steve Easson, Owner Vertu Restaurant
Where: Montreal, Canada
Has owned a tower: 6 months
Favourite things to grow: Oak leaf lettuce, Opal basil, Sage

We were approached by Vertu, a new Montreal based juice, and salad bar, in the fall of 2015. They were in the midst of developing their restaurant and were looking for a way to grow fresh produce on the premises. They were thrilled at the idea of what fresh plants would do for the customer experience and product range.


Their team had recently discovered the Nutritower and they all loved what they saw. “We wanted to build “a living table” at the heart of the restaurant and the Nutritower “ fit perfectly with what we wanted to do”. Our product fuelled their imagination and helped them make their vision a reality.

Steve and his team purchased two Nutritowers and proceeded to design their restaurant around our product. They cleverly positioned them at the heart of their space – for maximum impact. Our Nutritowers became “the focal point of the whole space”, fuelling the beautiful living table and the customer experience.


Their stunning restaurant has been doing great since it launched at the beginning of 2016 and our Nutritowers have been hugely beneficial to their business. They’ve helped drive PR while luring in a whole range of new customers. “It’s one of those things where people will automatically stop, come in and take a look.” The lights are almost irresistible. “They make the whole store glow”.

But the Nutritower’s aren’t just for show. The fresh vegetables they farm have helped develop a whole range of menu items and product offerings. Giuseppe Sacchetti, Vertu’s head chef, uses the produce from the Nutritowers to create infused waters that are sold year round. “From the rosemary to the mint, these are all things that we actually use”.


Vertu was the first restaurant to purchase our Nutritowers, but we know there’ll be many more to come. We’re already in talks with a few other establishments and we can’t wait to see what other chefs and restauranteurs choose to do with their Nutritowers. We never expected that our Nutritowers would fuel the plans and dreams of the world’s most creative food entrepreneurs, but we certainly won’t complain now that it’s happening.