Nutritower V2


The NutriTower is a complete vertical hydroponic growing system.

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The NutriTower V2 Is a follow up to our popular Nutritower indoor garden. We’ve put all the feedback and experience of the original into a slightly smaller, more convenient package!


The Nutritower garden is a complete vertical hydroponic growing system. It allows you to easily grow fresh and nutritious food right in the comfort of your own home. The system has built-in lighting so your plants will thrive in any area and any time of year, regardless of exterior light.


The Nutritower is a full kit and comes with the following:

1 NutriTower,

1 seedling starter kit,

a selection of seeds,

a 3 month supply of our NutriTonic plant nutrient formula

all bulbs, pump and timers


All you have left to do is start growing!


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