Grow More. Waste Less.

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Engineered for peace of mind

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    Fill each custom designed netting pot with our mess-free hydroponic growing medium, and plant your first seedlings.

  • 2

    Fill up the large reservoir in the base with water, then add our natural nutrient solution.

  • 3

    Plug in your Nutritower to activate the lights and pump to keep your plants well nurtured.

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    Let the Nutritower take care of the rest. You’ll pick your first harvest in 3-4 weeks!

Big savings. Small footprint.

Elegant, lean, and modern, the Nutritower’s vertical design produces a vast variety of food while taking up minimal floor space. It’s 32 standard pots help it produce over $1,000 worth of fresh produce yearly – all in less space than a fridge.

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Timed Watering Cycle

We’ve thought about your schedule so you don’t have to. The Nutritower comes with an automatic timer that lets you easily program and customize your watering cycles.  You can come home late or travel peacefully, knowing that your plants will continue to thrive and grow. Our timer will make sure they are getting the water and nutrients they need.

Hydroponic soil-free technology

Built upon proven irrigation drip hydroponic technology, the Nutritower is entirely soil free. Your seedlings take root in our custom-designed netting pots that are filled with our growing medium. They are then automatically watered to ensure that your plants are hydrated and fed. This helps them to grow up to 25% faster, all while keeping your kitchen completely mess free.

Ultra low power consumption

The nutritower’s energy efficient lights keep your utility bill low all while ensuring your plants stay healthy. With a system-wide power consumption of just over 200 watts, your tower should cost about $10 per month to operate in the average North-American city.