Getting Personal With Your Plants

June 4, 2019  |  Education, Environmentalism, nutritower

My name is Rebecca. I’m halfway through my undergraduate degree at McGill University in the Faculty of Science. I do not have a green thumb. You won’t even find a succulent in my apartment. Yet here I am at a company that is all about bringing plants into the home to create a more meaningful relationship between people and their food. When I was recently asked to reflect on how I got here, it made me realize how my habits have changed in a few short years.

My interest in being more eco-friendly began with researching the zero waste lifestyle. When I realized how much waste is produced every single day, reducing my waste quickly became my newest personal research project. It only took a few articles to open my eyes to a completely new approach as a consumer. Now, by no means do I live a “zero waste” lifestyle, nor am I vegan. However, thinking sustainably has become part of my daily life. It led me to join my university’s environment committee and seek out other opportunities (such as the one here at Nutritower!) where I can start conversations about sustainability.

Sustainability is a pretty big buzzword right now. It goes hand in hand with climate change, another hot topic (literally). To get the sense that this is something people care about, look no further than the Climate March that took place right here in Montreal. It was amazing to see thousands of people united together, protesting the government’s lack of action towards combating climate change. But this sense of urgency tends to stay confined to only the “bigger conversation” where phrases like “carbon tax” and “renewable energy” get thrown around.

I want everyone to bring sustainability into the small everyday conversations. My personal motto is “Make it simple but significant.” While I don’t think that climate change has a simple solution, I believe that people can make easy changes in their daily lives that will have a larger impact.

Which is why I’m here at Nutritower: to contribute to something simple but significant. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to get more involved in what I am passionate about. Who says we can’t change the world by giving just a little bit of time and energy to what we find personally fulfilling?

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