10 Benefits Of Hydroponic Gardening

April 17, 2015  |  Indoor Gardening

In today’s busy, urban society, success rests heavily on our ability to optimize. Time, space, money – making the most of what we have is the key to a sustainable future, and hydroponic gardening is one of those things that can help us keep on track on our quest for peak quality of life.

“What do you mean, “hydroponic gardening?””

Hydroponics is simply the art of growing plants in water. Because the soil tends to rob the plants of the nutrients they require, they don’t have the luxury of being able to take in everything they need.   Fertilizers can be added in an attempt to correct this; however, in a hydroponic system, the seeds are instead placed in a nutrient-rich solution, which creates a clear path for the water and nutrients to flow to directly to the plant roots. This set-up then allows your little budding babies to take in to exactly what they want when they want it.

But it’s not just about what the plants get out of it. There are plenty of ways that you benefit from adding a few shades of green to your home, and these are some of the top reasons why a hydroponic garden is an awesome way to do just that.


1. It’s Low Maintenance

With the soil out of the equation, most of the chores associated with tending a traditional garden are virtually nonexistent. Putting your back out from crawling around in the dirt, pulling weeds, using pesticides to keep the critters outside off your crops, organizing the plethora of gardening tools in your shed – none of these things need apply when you have the hydroponic system doing the hard work for you. No mess, no stress!

2. It’s Environmentally Friendly

We demand a lot of from our world in our to sustain ourselves.  The amount of fossil fuel that is spent on the regular shipment of “fresh” produce to our grocery stores (is this much – find a figure).

Though water is what is streamlining the nutrients into the roots, your plants are only drinking what they need. The rest of that precious H2O is cycled through until your seedlings are thirsty again. In fact, the only water lost is what small amount evaporates before it is consumed, and the amount of water necessary is as little as 10% what a soil-based garden would demand. Which leads me to my next point…

3. It’s Cost Effective

Despite out many differences, one thing is for sure – everyone loves saving money; and the ways the hydroponic system helps keep your pennies in your pocket are as plentiful as your crops will be.  Using less water is easier on your utility bill. Kiss the need for buying pesticides and fertilizers good-bye. Plus, having your garden at an arm’s length from your cutting board significantly reduces how often you need to run to the grocery store.


4. It Enhances Space You Didn’t Know You Had

A hydroponic garden allows for more plants


5. It Optimizes Plant Growth


6. Natural Air Filtration

One of the basic functions that plants  for us is gas exchange – they use the carbon dioxide that we exhale to carry out their basic processes, and churn oxygen back out for us to take in again.  However, back in the 80s, NASA did some studies, which concluded that houseplants are highly efficient at filtering other impurities from air space as well.


7. The Health Benefits


8. Reap What You Sow All Year Long


9. Just So Easy!


10. Fun And Rewarding

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